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What are The Advantages of SEO Over PPC?

What are The Advantages of SEO Over PPC?

Should it be SEO or should it be PPC – this has been an ongoing debate for the last few years and still the solution is undetermined. Which is more fruitful, just buying the way to reach the top position of the search engines through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign or a search engine marketing (SEO) tool? Marketers often get entangled in this situation. It is really hard to decide where to invest the dollars so as to get a fine bottom line. Is it only SEO? Is it only PPC? Or is it both? It seems it will really be a tough fight to make a decision.

Are you facing the same hurdle? In that case, you must understand the difference between the two. You need to learn the pros and cons of both SEO and PPC. Once it is done, you will be able to make your decisions easily without giving any second thought.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is referred to as the “organic” or “natural” way of lead generation. To be a bit frank, the process optimizes the web pages so as to enhance the search engine rankings. The definition of SEO often fluctuates based on the industry trends and Google algorithm updates, but in a nutshell, it improves the search engine results. To drive your business with the latest SEO techniques, it is always advised to get in touch with the digital marketing service providing companies.

Now, let us explore the pros and cons of SEO.


1. Cost Effective: If you talk about organic SEO, then you will be surprised to hear that you don’t need to pay huge bucks for that. It is very cost effective. But if you are setting up a PPC campaign then it will cost more than that of an SEO.

Cost Effective

2. Brand Awareness: Optimizing your website with targeted keywords, you get the opportunity to grow your brand’s visibility in front of the potential customers. This is similar to advertising your brand traditionally and drive your brand awareness. Compared to PPC, this is again a cost-effective digital marketing service to showcase your brand across the seven continents.

Brand Awareness

3. More Stabilised: Search Engine positioning is more stabilized than PPC ad positions. PPC advertisements change abruptly with respect to the competitor’s bidding tactics. Hence, if you are optimizing your website with good link authority and excellent or relevant content, then your SEO ranking will remain intact, even if you disconnect your SEO service for a month or two.

More Stabilised


1. Slow Process: If you are adopting SEO service, you need “patience” to witness the results. PPC may affect your business immediately, but you can’t expect the same thing from the SEO strategies. There is a surety that you will achieve the better, but for that, you need to wait and let the plant grow. You can also call this a time-consuming process.

Slow Process

2. Ongoing Process: Doesn’t matter how good your SEO service is, your site will never be completely “optimized”. Whoa, that doesn’t mean investing in SEO is a waste. Of course, not. Your future search engine rankings will definitely be effective because of this, but you can’t anticipate that your web pages will be totally optimized.

Ongoing Process

Besides SEO, blogging, social media marketing and online videos even have the potential to acquire quality links and grow more traffic to your site.

Now coming to PPC or Paid Per Click Advertising, it is a process that involves high search engine traffic by paying or bidding for keywords. This is completely based on the service or products your business is providing.

Let us talk about its advantages and disadvantages.


1. Immediate Solution: Want to improve your traffic, clicks, and rate of conversions, in a minute? If yes, Search Engine Optimization will never be your solution. Rather, if you start a PPC campaign you will witness an immediate effect in your search engine results. Whereas, SEO will take months to provide you with the same.

Immediate Solution

2. Flexible: Digital marketing service provide both SEO and PPC. But both of them reside at the two separate ends of a single stick. SEO is fixed and cost-effective, while PPC is scalable and controllable. Here you can set your budget according to your need. The more leads you want for your website, the more you will have to pay. Where on the one hand you get the chance to control your budget, on the other hand, you have to invest more to get high ranks and compete with others.

Flexible Digital marketing service

Unlike SEO, PPC doesn’t have any work to do with the search engine’s algorithm. It is an inorganic way of lead generation that is completely depended on the bidding techniques.


1. Involve Payments: PPC is good when you pay well. If you are ready to invest high bucks on your advertisements and promotions, then PPC is obviously a better choice than SEO.

Involve Payments

2. Problematic at times: PPC stops providing leads once you stop your PPC campaign. If you forget to pay money for your campaign, PPC will also forget to soothe your needs.

Problematic at times

So, which one would you like to prefer – SEO or PPC? We guess SEO turns out the best in case if you are interested in gaining brand credibility and better ROI. Well, the choice is, of course, yours. But whatever it may be, you need to hire the best digital marketing service in India and take your business to the next level.

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