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Website Redesign – When and Why is it Needed?

Website Redesign – When and Why is it Needed?

We all have something or other, quite near to our heart, especially when they are technically in working condition and we don’t really bother to replace them. The same thing goes for many of the marketers. They are not actually bothered about the website redesign, as they feel like – “what’s the use of unnecessary investment when the site is still working”. But the history says it’s needed indeed. When and why that we are going to investigate in the following.

Website design and development is the prior need for every digital marketer in today’s chapter. But assuming this to be the first and last investment on this platform is where you all go wrong. For most of you, website redesign is like beating around the bush. But avoiding webpage update can schedule a loosing of benchmark for you.
Following are the signs your website needs a redesign.

1. Outdated version:

Is your webpage applicable to mobile apps? Perhaps, it is. But this is not our question indeed. We doubt, whether your website is mobile responsive or not. With the advent of new technologies, the market has encountered multiple changes. The website that you have developed a couple of years ago offers the same design for both desktop and mobile. But such a design is completely outdated today. Just imagine, your viewers are surfing your mobile website and the content is not well-displayed. Do you think they will engage themselves with such a destructed site, spending their precious time? Obviously not. Neither the viewers will turn up to be the potential customers, nor your existing customers will be further interested in you. And ultimately, at your worst, you will lose your identity and reliability that you have gained in past few years. To avoid these pitfalls, it is mandatory for your to redesign existing website based on the latest marketing trends, at least after every 4-5 years.

2. Template Sites restricts advantages:

Small businesses often rely on template sites to create their websites. But these sites limit the advantages and restricts the future goals. Therefore, to achieve the prosperity you need to get your own customized website that can scale your business appropriately. Ignoring template sites for web design or expanding that further will offer a lot of advantages. Better hosting, extensive graphics, and endless creativity ensure your business to gain more reliability, fame, and enhancement. These are the main reasons to have a website without template designs.

3. Targeting a new audience:

Redo of your website design and development are also required if you are aiming to target a new market with a new audience. Approaching a new market means new visuals and new usability to appeal to them. This is when you actually need to redesign your website. The updated website will include new demographics, locales, different preferences, new search keywords, interfaces, text tone, interactions and so on. All should be based on the market audience, their tastes, and demands. Remember, the more your website will be user-friendly, the more you will be able to engage your viewers.

4. Rebranding:

It’s not always that when the web page looks outdated or when the site restricts engagement, you need to redesign your website. There are yet other reasons to redesign your website as well. Among those upcoming reasons, rebranding is a major factor. Rebranding implies the change of brand values, change in the marketing sector, change in business name, logo, or advertising themes. Whatever it may be, website recreation is indeed necessary to reflect your brand personality. Every little aesthetic change can benefit your business from consistency. However, if you are unwilling to do so, your website will be ranked outdated by default.

5. To follow the trend:

Sometimes it is necessary to flow with the trend – how many of you agree with this? Just like we avoid or think twice to wear too outdated clothes, the same reason is valid for the site as well. The digital market is evolving daily and so is its marketing strategy. Therefore, it is quite necessary to update your site with intervals. Now, obviously, you can’t update on a regular basis. But yes, you can do this every 3-4 years. This will reward your web page with higher rankings, and in turn, benefit Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with faster posting.

6. Business goals are hampered:

Leaving all the aforesaid reasons behind, it is actually very necessary to update your website if it is not meeting your business goals. Websites contribute a lot to business augmentation. It actually influences the target conversion rate and attracts traffic toward the business. High bounce rate or low email signups are basically the results of backdated website design.

What are the different types of redesign you can look at?

Redesigning your website is not always an easy endeavor. There are three common types of redesign approaches that you can look at.

Periodic Update:

This is the standard update that every marketer should perform, regardless of your business size and type. This enhances the business functionality, keeps your design trend up-to-date, and refresh your SEO strategy.

Strategic Refocusing:

Such an update is required when you encounter any vital changes, like re-branding your business or approaching a new market. Updating and modifying your brand image encourages business promotion.

Data or Customer-based redesigns:

Similar to strategic refocusing, this type of redesign emphasizes the changes dictated by the customers’ data. Rapid declining in conversion rate can be one of the vital reason to choose this updated design type.

Well, to know how to create it you will have to wait for our next blog. Till then you explore whether your web page needs any improvement based on the latest digital marketing strategies.

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