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99designs or DesignCrowd – Which One Should be Preferred?

99designs or DesignCrowd – Which One Should be Preferred?

Looking for best logo design service? 99designs and DesignCrowd, both are the crowdsourcing creative platforms that make it easy for the professional designers as well as clients to work together. These platforms organize contests for the designers where they create digital assets that include logos, web and graphic designs for the clients and win a prize money. It is a win-win for both the parties – for designers as well as for the clients. So where lies the difference?

On the face of it, both of them may appear similar. But if you dig down deep, you will end up with several distinguishable factors.

99designs provides the biggest online graphic design service platform for the graphical designers to find a project or contest to work on. It includes about 1.4 million registered professional designers in its community and have paid out $200 million approx to the designers to date. This featured, sizeable platform offers a wide range of design products such as logo, web design, music album covers, 3D designs and so on.

In contrast to 99designs, DesignCrowd is a small online community with just 640000 designers and $47 million revenue to date. Though both the platform maintains a global presence, DesignCrowd is able to reach only a limited audience in comparison with 99designs. This difference in size reveals the formal difference amidst the two.

Is that all about the differences? Of course not. This was just a clear factor to distinguish the two apparently. And a lot more to come in the way.

1. Design Contest pricing:

It’s hard to compare the contest pricing between the two platforms. But still, we have managed to deduce the comparison. Let us have a look.

Both the design platforms allow you to choose packages at different price points and charge an extra amount for every extra feature. However, relative to 99designs, DesignCrowd packages are generally cheaper. Well, that doesn’t mean DesignCrowd is bad for designers. DesignCrowd works in principle – the more you pay, the more the DesignCrowd offers you with the design submissions, regardless of designers’ efficiency. While in the case of 99designs, more expensive package implies the participation of high-level designers in your contest. Consequently, you can expect a lot of high-level submissions accordingly.

2. Design Quality:

Paying extra in 99designs will offer you a better rank of designers. This obviously doesn’t imply that designers at DesignCrowd are bad. There are many who are actually talented. But 99designs compared to the later offer designers with far better consistency.

For the startups, DesignCrowd arranges its designers according to their five-star ratings. The ratings are basically given by the clients and so if they fail to do so, the platform also fails to keep their designs in their system. According to the statistics, among 600,000 designers only about 42000 have their individual ratings.

In the case of 99designs, designers are ranked according to the personal assessment conducted by the staffs. For this, the graphic designers are asked to submit a bio that includes their repeat clients, contest wins, response time, along with their specialization. All these classify the designers as Entry level, Mid-level or Top level and so enable the client to find a suitable designer for their project.


3. Design Contest process:

In the battle between, DesignCrowd vs 99designs, the process of conducting contests is almost the same. Clients offer a design brief according to their desire and the designers have to design their concepts accordingly. Finally, in the end, they will give a feedback to their selected designers and both offer a guaranteed money-back. But where lies the difference?

In 99designs contests, the briefs are more in-depth Whereas, DesignCrowd offers standard, one-page briefs. But 99designs always try to explain the clients’ preferences deeply explained and help the designers accordingly. As a result, it encourages the designers to produce far better results.

Furthermore, both DesignCrowd and 99designs offer direct hiring on projects. However, DesignCrowd mainly focuses on design contests rather than directly working on designers.

Now since you are well aware of all the differences, it will be far easier for you to find out the useful platform. If you are a hell lot bothered about price and expenses, then it is better to prefer DesignCrowd. On the other hand, if you are concerned about only graphic designs, their quality, and hard-core designers, then you should skip to 99designs.

So what’s your choice?

Whatever it may be, you will get a lot of impressive ideas on logos as well as on graphics.

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