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5 Secrets Of Social Selling Especially For The Startups

5 Secrets Of Social Selling Especially For The Startups

Today’s buzzword is – Social Media, Social Media, and Social Media. And surprisingly, we have chosen the same phrase as the topic of discussion on this blog. In our research, we have found that most of the startups fail to reach its existence just because they don’t have the right ingredient in their food. Perfect ingredient with perfect presentation adds a uniqueness in its taste. Sounds interesting right? Well, you don’t have to wait much to know its secrets.

With the decline of traditional marketing techniques and the advent of digital marketing strategies have sprouted a new evolution. Especially if you are a startup, it is a brilliant move to have an access to a global audience, provided if you are using the right tools and platforms. And no doubt, social media, for example – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, proves to be the perfect social selling platforms for every marketer.

Uh.. don’t call these platforms direct mediums to sell your products. These are simply a podium where you can reach your targeted audience, make connections, gain their trust, and eventually turn them into potential customers. But for this, you have to go with us on a secret trip. Remember, those secrets that we said earlier. It’s time to reveal those to you.

Check out the 5 top secrets that every startup should take into consideration


 1. Exclusive content:

Content is nothing but the major ingredient of the food named ‘products and services’. Unless and until you are presenting a unique, catchy content with relevant keywords it is hard for you to stick in this competitive digital market. Being a startup, you must be having at least a handful of time in the beginning. Make a good use of that time to bring out engrossing content for your readers. But make sure your content doesn’t aim to sell. Rather it should be presented in such a way that your readers feel the existence of your products or services and eventually get gravitated to your website. Remember, a good content has the strength to build trust and gain the reliability of the audience – which is the primary step to convert a visitor to a customer.

Exclusive Content

2. Tweet, Tweet, and Tweet:

Tweets are to be done in a bundle every day. Well, that doesn’t mean you will make absurd posts. Nor we are asking you to tweet the same post multiple times each day. What we are trying to say is that, make sure you are visible to your target audience whenever they scroll their newsfeed. Because no one has a spare time to read your irrelevant posts or get attracted to your boring updates. Make it interesting, make it exciting, make it something so that you reach the heart of thousands.


3. Build a Brand:

Making your personality visible and presenting yourself as a brand – is two different things. In this modern digital society, maximum buyers rely on brands to make their purchase. Therefore it has become an inevitable part of every startup to create a corporate brand and expose it on the digital ground. With the term ‘brand’, the very first thing that strikes the mind is the trademark of the company or logo, what you say in the technical term. Is your company enduring a branding platform? If no, then say ‘GoodBye’ to your foundation. Because possessing a brand name and its objectives and highlighting them to your viewers in your social media profile is surely demanding.

Exclusive Content

4. Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat:

Residing in a digital era, you must have seen that there is a strong correlation between content and inbound. The moment you stop posting or updating your profile on social networking sites, you will feel isolated from the global world. More the posts, more the likes, more the notifications and certainly more promotions. If you are excusing yourself by saying, “I am too busy to come up with new tweets or check my social media accounts”, then dear your audience will also be too busy to like you further. So, what’s the antidote? Check out the secret number two or else if you don’t have any further updates to notify your customers, repeat the older ones with breathing spaces.

Repeat, Repeat And repeat

5. Building Networks:

Social media platforms can be defined as perfect destinations to make new connections. Especially, if you are a startup it turns out to be the icing on the cake. More the connections you establish more will be the viewers. Consequently, more will be the tendency to convert them into potential customers. What else do you need?

Building Networks

Img source – 99design.com

All the above-mentioned tips might help every startup for a smart move, but who said it can’t be a blessing in disguise for the existing marketers. Just like outsourcing web development or branding and design, if possible you should reach a digital marketing agency to simplify your business. Perhaps, it will be a smart step towards your business establishment and enhancement.

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