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Wikipedia – an Inevitable Part For Branding Your Business. Why?

Wikipedia – an Inevitable Part For Branding Your Business. Why?

Wikipedia is again a new buzzword in today’s digital market. Even though there are multiple ways of branding a business, creating a Wikipedia page is yet another mode. To explore the reason, you have to keep reading this article till the end. But before this, you should be cleared with the definition – what is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is basically an online encyclopedia that is based on an openly editable content model and is one of the most notable websites according to Alexa ranking. To be more precise, Wikipedia is the 5th most visited webpage in the world with respect to Alexa. It aims to create neutral, unbiased, and accurate information. However, unlike other encyclopedias, this doesn’t hire any external content writers to create posts. Rather it is an open source web page when used properly can be an effective online marketing tool for your organization or personal branding along with professional website development.

About 80% of the consumers conduct online research before committing to any retailer to make their purchase. Perhaps you also belong under this category. Hence, the detailed information on the online encyclopedia convinces your viewers and turn them into potential customers.

Let us disclose why and how Wikipedia turns out to be one of the important brand management strategies for the marketers.

1. Enhance brand Visibility:

Creating a Wikipedia page implies creating an article on your business profile. As a result, whenever a person Google your company’s name, he will discover your Wikipedia page as one of the topmost searches. These altogether enhance your brand visibility and allows more viewers to draw into your site.

2. Builds credibility:

Wikipedia can build your brand loyalty – this statement may surprise you at once. But the online encyclopedia contributes a lot in building trust among the customers. This is all because of its authentic content. Customers often get worried about scams and frauds. They hesitate or tend to think twice before investing in any products or services. Wikipedia assures you about the authenticity of your company and in turn, encourage the viewers to become potential customers. This depicts your business with integrity and enhances your status online.

3. Boost search engine rank:

Wikipedia page, regardless of the company type, is always ranked on the first page of almost all search engine results. This is mainly because the online encyclopedia itself is ranked 5th by Alexa. Therefore, it can be concluded that this online encyclopedia allows to beef up the search engine rank of your company, which is quite essential to create brand awareness.

4. Increase your sales:

More the brand credibility, more will be the sales – this is beyond doubt. In today’s date, every person relies on a brand to make their purchase. Unless and until the brand assures the credibility, the person is unlikely to make a purchase from that particular brand. Agree or not? Well, the Wikipedia page serves half of the work. It manipulates the customers’ decisions and enables a significant positive increase in your sales.

5. Enhance traffic:

All the above-mentioned points are related to each other and so is the traffic enhancement. Is your business notable? Your answer will be positive only when there will be a huge enhancement in your traffic. Any business is called successful when the company is able to draw a huge audience by its features, its potential, and its comprehensive services. Therefore, creating a Wikipedia page allows you to boost your business as well as your reputation in the digital market.

So coming to the end, like other professional web development services, the online encyclopedia also proves to be the best tool to boost your SEO efforts and help you to get an instant advancement in your SERP rankings. However, writing a solid content for Wikipedia is not so easy. There are various Wikipedia guidelines for businesses available. Follow these before you overload your page with irrelevant content.

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