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Top Best Social Media Marketing exercises

Top Best Social Media Marketing exercises

By the term digital marketing we mean: branding and lead generation. No matter what type of marketing it is, these two fundamental factors are highly required.

Branding on the web is almost the same as the traditional offline branding. In case of marketing on the web, branding is associated with digital banners, ads on websites and so on. Whereas, the traditional branding includes banners and ads on billboards. Besides branding, lead generation is one of the prior requirements. It is associated with direct mailing, email marketing, social media marketing services and so on.

Among these approaches, social media marketing services play a dominant role in today’s digital market. Social media marketing is nothing but a marketing using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on to promote a product or service.

Are you aware of the topmost social media marketing practices? If not, don’t panic. We are here to help you. In this blog, we will talk about the best effective practices in social media marketing.

1. Quick Response:

It is a general tendency for every customer to keep a high expectation for a quick response. 53 percent of customers expect that the brand will respond to their tweet within 1 hour. Now this figure again raises to 72 percent while making complaints. How will you feel when someone doesn’t respond to your query or reply you when the bird has already eaten the harvest? Same is the feeling for those customers. In the end, when their expectation gives a positive impact, it encourages them to buy the companies’ product or avail their services. Otherwise, they will try to shift onto different alternatives to buy their desired product. Will you let your potential customers go away or intend them to reside on your website? Just think for a minute.

2. Engage your Organization:

Instead of hiring expert assistance for social agents, it is better to look for experts within your organization. External agents may not know the answer to the customer’s question, but this will certainly not be the situation with the professionals out there in your organization. In addition to this, every department in your organization will take part in solving customer issues, and as a result, your customer satisfaction ratings will go high.

3. Share the conversation:

There definitely be some situations where the customers feel satisfied to their specific issues. In such cases, your role is to share those conversations on the social platforms, as well as internally. Sharing the moments internally will create an unexpected excitement and encourage the experts out there to work in that environment. Similarly sharing the love on social media channels will encourage the potential customers to buy their desired products from your brand.

4. Post according to customers’ need:

Are you still assuming the best moment to post your effective content on social media platforms? Guesswork totally depends on your luck. So, instead of assuming something and making an obscure decision, it is better to look for an auto-scheduler, that automatically picks up the best time to post your content. This approach will ultimately eliminate your hypothesis, and enhance the performance as well as your engagement on social media.

5. Build Connections:

To spread your business and establish your brand across the seven continents, building trust among the customers will be the prior requirement. This will only be encouraged by branding the website along with the products and services, whether traditionally or digitally.

6. Measure, Optimize and Succeed:

Just like Search Engine Optimization, Social media optimization is highly required to generate publicity in order to increase the awareness of a product or service. However, without social relationship tool, it is hard to optimize your brand on social media platforms.

7. Utilize Technology as much as possible:

We are residing in an era of science and technology, where technology has to be our best friend. The same goes for you. No matter how complicated and time consuming the task be, with the advent of technology you don’t need to think of that. Don’t you think you should take advantage of it? Making technology your best friend, you can easily make your task efficient as well as easier.

8. Know your mistakes, Know your success:

Unless and until you know your mistakes and improve it, you never be able to achieve the success. Therefore, you should always challenge yourself to do even better from today, in order to reach the top in future. Consequently, this will help you to secure your budget for resources and in turn give a positive impact to your business.

9. Know about your customers:

Customers play a vital role in building a strong business foundation. Every up and down in a business depends on them. Therefore, to eliminate the risk factors from the business, you need to know – who the customers are, what are their needs, and their expectations from your brand. The moment you are aware of all these potential requirements, you can steer your business as well the customer services accordingly.

Hope now you have understood, only having digital marketing services won’t do. You have to take care of all these above-mentioned exercises too, in order to get more benefit.


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