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Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks Used By the Web Developers

Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks Used By the Web Developers

JavaScript, as we know, is the best scripting language, or to be more bookish, it is a high-level programming language, that offers interactive and responsive web pages. Not just these, this scripting language is intended with multiple advantages. Thusly, JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, are often used by the developers to enhance web application development with robust features or create one implementing advanced functionalities.

However, the developers frequently wind up in a confusion as they carry on with their web development task. Why so? This is due to the advent of an array of JavaScript Frameworks. An assortment of frameworks and updates releasing every day makes it difficult for the developers to choose the most fruitful one for their undertaking.

Are you facing the same trouble? This in-depth guide will be a good resource for you to come up with a conclusion.

Top JavaScript Frameworks 2018 that have won thousands of developers are as follows.

1. Angular 5:

Angular 5 is often the first priority for the front-end developers. The latest version of Angular 5, freshly coded in 2018, is integrated with a full-featured framework. This includes default language, building toolchain, state management, and data fetching. The inclusion of TypeScript as the default development language has contributed a lot to the framework’s efficiency and speed.

Angular 5

Some effective features incorporate:

1. Angular 5 supports TypeScript 2.4 version.
2. Errors can easily be detected.
3. String-based enums have been introduced as a new feature that can express enum as a string than a number.
4. Ensures simpler but progressive web app development, by eliminating irrelevant codes.

For examples: Google Adwords, Adsense, PayPal, Amazon, Gmail and so on.

2. React Native:

Another most popular JavaScript framework of 2018, React Native is used so as to create cross-platform based mobile applications. This can be Android, iOS or both. Guys, you will be surprised to know that the usage of React Native has stimulated in recent years and thus Android developers should not forget to use this configuration while enhancing web or mobile app development.

React Native

The features include:

1. Allows web developers to design a standout app using only one configuration file.
2. Excels in doing the momentous task of developing new builds for Android and iOS.
3. Update apps smoothly.

For examples: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Dropbox etc. Definitely, you are aware of all these social media apps.

3. Node.js:

Like Angular 5, Node.js has also been in the market for a long while now. This JavaScript runtime environment incorporates all such functionalities that should be used to run a JavaScript program. This framework basically utilizes an event-driven and single-threaded loop to create web applications.


Features of Node.js are as follows:

1. They are easy to install and easy to execute.
2. Codes are platform independent.
3. Concurrent structure featuring to develop network apps.
4. Supports HTTP and TCP protocols.
5. Accelerates Page loading.

For examples: LinkedIn, Walmart, NetFlix, Uber etc. Definitely heard of these names, right?

4. Meteor.js:

Best JavaScript frameworks of 2018 also include Meteor.js. It is an open source platform that allows the developers to design real-time web apps. Just like Real Native, Meteor.js has also the capability to generate cross-platform codes. This eventually speeds up the development task.


The features are as follows:

1. Responsive design that implies the web design can be run on both desktop and mobile devices.
2. Real-time updates

For examples: Down to Chill, Glympse, SuiteCharts etc.

5. Vue.js:

Vue.js has currently stimulated the web market. Although the framework initially released in the year 2014, it has only been highlighted in the last couple of years. This latest JavaScript framework of 2018 is considered to be the easiest framework to learn and also to use. The featured framework allows the developers to build user interfaces and its adoptable architecture empowers the integration into the project with a diverse range of JavaScript libraries. Thusly, the developers hardly put any optimization effort for web development.


Developers often prefer Vue.js for enhancing web app development due to its following features.

1. Vue.js framework comes with small size. So it’s easy to download and easy to use.
2. Simple structure thus saves time.
3. Easy integration.
4. Improved TypeScript integration.

For examples: Alibaba, Xiaomi, Adobe, Grammarly and so on. Interesting right?

6. Ember.js:

Wanna create scalable user interfaces for your website development? Ember.js is basically based on the MVVM pattern that holds features like:


1. Empowers the web developers to utilize future JavaScript and transpile them.
2. Well-characterized structure.
3. Supports data binding.

For examples: Intercom, Apple, Yahoo, and other brands.

Are you heading for web application development? All the aforesaid JavaScript frameworks are designed with their own pros and cons and selecting a JavaScript Framework has a great influence on your business. If not planned well, implementing a new technology can bring consequences like complex execution, maintenance cost, and much more serious hazards. Therefore, it is indeed necessary to be smart enough while using them in your undertakings.

Though picking an appropriate framework seems to be a tough work, but if studied properly this can certainly be overcome. And if you are still unable to make out, then hiring professional web developers will obviously be the most effective solution for your concern. However, make sure that you are not committing to unprofessional and unreliable agencies – as these will give you an adverse effect on your business. Are you ready? Here to go.

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