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The Good Time to Market What You Have to Offer

The Good Time to Market What You Have to Offer

The meaning of marketing has slightly changed in the recent years. Now, it means a series of activities that run all throughout the year. But why have this status changed so considerably? Well, this is because, unlike previous times, marketing is a diversified, more planned, and a carefully carried out task.

Every current business needs to adapt to this mode of marketing. It is needed in today’s times, due to the availability of more than one options among the customers. But it’s not possible to meticulously plan and execute all throughout the year.

So, what’s the solution to this? Well for starters, if you are a businessman who is seeking the answer to your marketing related queries like how to market your business? this is the right blog for you.

You can do all the needed hard work and then market your offering on the good times of the year. Now you may counter-back this statement with an obvious question of yours, “What’s the good time to market your offerings?”

When should you tickle your marketing cells the most?

So, the question that still lingers on is, “What’s the good time to market your offerings?”. Numerous marketing experts have often suggested a valuable answer to this question. Why do I say valuable? This is because, this step is a proven one, towards bringing satisfactory returns at the end of the marketing campaign.

Most marketing gurus have often recommended the time of festivals and special occasions, as the most fruitful time of the year to carry out your skillfully planned marketing campaign and the most efficient service selling techniques.

What these times bring to any customer, is a strong reason to utilize their spending capacity. Thus a marketer gets a very powerful reason, to promote their offerings in an influential way. This has become the currently prevailing marketing mantra of success.

So, if you are running a business and seeking answers to questions like ‘how to market your business?’ then spend all your tactics, ideas, methods to use the most of these occasions towards your own success.

How this works out?

To explain this further, let me present you a conducted survey. The survey took into account two businessmen, A and B, who operate in the same market and offer similar items. So, there is just a month to go for Thanksgiving. A decides to plan a marketing event, especially for that day. So, he starts planning, budgeting, scheduling, idea sharing and much more with his workers.

On the other hand, B doesn’t take any such initiative. Rather he goes with his usual strategy of non-prioritizing any such moment. He continues the way he performs all throughout the year. Whereas A and his team spend days nearing the event working excessively hard for what they have imagined as a viral marketing campaign.

They ultimately are able to carry out whatever they imagined. B still stands firm on his no special marketing stance. During the time of Thanksgiving, their usual sales figures range up to 300 items. The survey showed that B has been able to successfully sell a total of 300 items that day. But it’s seen that A’s sales figures rose considerably. He sold 500 items that day.

Therefore, statistics show that A had a whopping 40% rise in sales figures while B had a stable sales chart. But what really made this difference? The answer lies in that special marketing campaign. A was able to attract and convince a number of people, more than their usual customer base to come and try out their offerings. B did not face losses but missed out on this extra profit opportunity.

Why is this the right time to do so?

It gets very important that you begin your marketing campaign much before than the actual festival or occasion date. Any viral marketing campaign is depended on these very moments. If you ask any marketing expert, about the viability of this time, they will all explain that it is indeed so. There are a handful of factors that support this theory. Let’s explore them below.

Stand out of the crowd

What a festival special marketing campaign will do for your business, is to boost its sales and reach. You need to stand out from the other prevalent competitive strategies existing in the market. So, what better than a special occasion to make that dream come alive?

If you manage to make a marketing campaign that soaks in the joys and highs of that occasion, then your customers are bound to notice them sooner or later.

Press releases

Special occasions are the best time for a running business to spread out information about themselves, and their work into the media. Experimental, edgy and unique service selling techniques, will get a good attention boost, with the aid of significant press coverage.

Which festivals or season should fill your target list?

Your target should be to leave no major festival or major season unturned. The next major festival, that people all over the world are so excited about, is Halloween. Halloween is a time of the year when people like to bring their imaginations, fantasies and crazy side out. Moreover, the concept of Halloween is interesting enough to conceptualize quirky and exciting marketing campaigns.

The next major moment that follows Halloween is Thanksgiving Day. This is a special moment that most people celebrate wholeheartedly. So, imperatively it becomes vital that you capitalize on the importance of this day, and run an all-viral marketing campaign. Your main aim should be to attract people’s attention with a marketing theme that reflects the magnificence of this great day.

The next important days in your list should be Christmas and the new year. Again, these are a special time for many people. So, it becomes vital that you utilize this opportunity for increasing your brand awareness and taking your business to a whole new level.

You must also take into account the wedding season. This generally happens to be around the end quarter of the year. It’s one of the biggest times to celebrate and spend money to your heart’s desire. So, you must capitalize on these.

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