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Terms <span> and conditions</span>

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Hih7 Terms & Condition

Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. hereby presents a general Terms & Condition agreement, which shows a 100% reliability to abide by the (NDA) Non-Disclosure Agreement that legally assures to stop violation of the “Confidential Information” of our client. We completely abide by the legal agreements to assure the fair use of our client’s given information & will take measures to protect it from any kind of misuse by any third party organization or other client.

Main Terms & Conditions

All the materials that have been posted or published on www.hih7.com like website design, content, images, logo, reviews, trademarks, layout, software, tools or others are the property of Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. All of the published materials are protected by the copyright & intellectual property legal rules. The materials are the sole property of Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. & are not allowed to be copied, transferred, used, modified, distributed by anyone other than Hih7. Only the Authorized persons or company with the written approval & agreement signed by the Hih7 owner can use our name & logo for promotional purposes.

Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. has all the rights to modify the ‘Terms & Conditions’, Privacy Policy, or other minor to major changes in their services without any prior notices. We are not legally bound to inform you, for any changes in our plans, service policies, charging prices, warranties or changes in any other terms.

Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. will not allow any user or client to post any content that can be obscene, harassing, pornographic, spam or materials that may cause misconduct behaviors or considered as the legal offense, to their website & may take steps to block that person from accessing the Hih7 site for the time being.

Violation of Terms & Conditions

If you do not follow the Hih7 conditions, terms, legal agreements or the notices, then the services or current rights provided by Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. to you will be taken away or ended by Hih7. The process of termination will be followed for all the materials you possess without any prior notice or acknowledgment.

You are responsible for your behavior after agreeing to the policy & agreements. And, you have to maintain your conduct & do no harm to the property of Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. & their affiliates, employees, subsidiaries, business partners, agents, or their related associates.

Disclaimer of Warranty

www.hih7.com can anytime revise their rules of disclaimers. Hence, Hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for any guarantee of non-violation. We are not liable for any kind of damage you face if keep using the website without considering the changes or the updates provided by us.
It is considered to be your agreement to our new modifications & policies if you decide to continue using the website even after the changes.

Contact us

You can contact us for any question or if you have doubt about any of our terms & conditions or privacy policy. You can update your incomplete or incorrect information by sending us Email or messages through our site.

You can contact us at:
19/7, Bankim Mukherjee Sarani
Block J, 5th Floor
New Alipore
Kolkata-700 053
Mobile: (+91)8232038679