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We Develop Native, Hybrid and Web App

Our team of mobile app developers include experience and talented employees, dedicated to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises with advanced tools and technology. We provide Built-in reporting, UI, offline mode and an open development tooling approach that allow both IT admins and developers to easily manage the system We develop the enhanced native, hybrid and web-apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windowswith full functionality and efficiency for our customer that lead to their full satisfaction with affordable price.

Native Apps

Native apps exist at majority in our mobile devices. They are written in languages such as Swift or Objective-C, Java and C#. The advantages using our native apps are – they offer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to users which is key to a successful app.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are little similar to that web apps. They are built with Javascript, HTML and CSS to run in a simplified browser within an app. You require half the number of developers, Half the money, and half the publishing time, when compared to a native app.

Web Apps

Web Apps are generally built in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Unlike a mobile iOS or Android app, there is no software development kit (SDK) for a developer to work with.

We provide complete mobile app framework that include not only the front end but powerful back end server software for comprehensive work-flow execution, data integration, server-powered data calculation and so on.

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HIH7 is the perfect spot to have your mobile app build. Mobile Application developed with user-friendly UI & integrated with latest functionalities.

User Interface (UI) Design

Mobile user interface (UI) design is an essential part of the development process in the creation of mobile apps. UI may include the constraints, contexts, screen, input, Interactivity, Animation & mobility as the outlines for design aspects & plays a significant role in mobile app development.
Mobile UI generally rely on mobile back-ends to support & access to the systems. Mobile back-end facilitates may include the data routing, security, authentication, authorization, working off-line, & service layout.
The interface may contain components of both the hardware & software as the User interaction & functionality with the device are the main target of this mobile app creation. The User Interface design input allows the users to manipulate or manage a system of the device.
Hih7 focuses the mobile UI design’s with a goal mainly for an understandable, user- friendly interface. Our UI of mobile apps consider the users’ limited attention, minimizing the keystrokes & are task-oriented with a minimum set of functions.
This functionality of our UI design is supported by mobile enterprise application platforms or integrated development environments (IDEs).

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

As the mobile phone user are much greater than the laptop or P.C user there are increasing benefits that we achieve by using them. Some of the benefits of using our mobile apps are :
Mobile apps we created provide a much faster alternative than mobile web browsing.
They reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility. An app gives a business because it is always visible on the phone.
Businesses are using our apps to improve their processes & increase the level of accessibility to their customers making it a valuable tool for their business.
Our apps are affordable & reduce your cost of SMS messages & paper newsletters as they simplify communications securely & instantly by messaging customers.





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