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Data Driven Marketing
of your Product and Services

HIH7 is also into digital marketing, which is the promotion of a company & their products with the help of digital mediums like the search engines, websites, social media, email, mobile apps, electronic billboards, digital television, radio channels & etc. Hih7 that provide you a solid digital ground for your organization’s marketing.

Search Engine Optimization
Benefits you get

• Better accessibility of your website
• Branding Awareness through Social media
• Cost-effective strategy
• Maximum crawling by Search Engine spiders
• Higher SERPs of your website

Social Media Optimization
Benefits you get

• Better customer insights
• Easy Content circulation and sharing
• High conversion rate
• GEO – Based customer targeting
• Superior customer relation

Paid Advertisement (CPC/PPC)
Benefits you get

• Get Direct Links
• Easily reach target audience
• Quick tracking of your brand progress
• Invest in best keywords
• Quantify your website

Email Marketing
Benefits you get

• Most effective online marketing tactic
• Cheaper than the Manual mails
• Fast Customer insights with detailed analysis
• Reach the correct audience

Conversion Rate Optimisation
Benefits you get

• Improved website rate of visitor conversion
• Gain more Return On Investment (ROI).
• Quality user experience
• Cost effective
• Drive more targeted users

Content Marketing
Benefits you get

• Expand your customer base
• Increased online sales
• Brand awareness or credibility
• SEO and User friendly website
• Better keyword targeting for right audience

Key Digital Marketing Services

Why Choose Us

Hih7 provides you with various services of the modern digital marketing that maximize your benefits by boosting your business.

Digital Marketing
Services Rendered

Our digital marketing strategies has always been focused about connecting with your
targeted audience in the right place and at the right time and provide you major services to make
your brand website known to the world with Advanced Digital Marketing Platform

  • Blog post, Articles, Press releases, Branding assets and other type of content creation along with Content Marketing.

  • Creating Infographics, Videos, Albums, Online brochures and mapping using Interactive and Customization tools.

  • Search Engine Optimisation of your online website or E – commerce site and Social media Optimisaton (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Hih7 with the extensive experience in all aspects of brand development has always led the way in client’s business evolution. We are dedicate to help you by providing the most innovative package & product design focused on your trade, so that you can emphasis on your business management. The appropriate product designing is critical to be successful.

As a product creator, product design is best opportunity to make a sale. Hih7 packaging & product designing provide the the creativity that bring out the desirable aspects that evoke the consumer emotion or describe the product & its necessary value with Eye-catching designs in the packaging products needed to stand out in a retail environment.