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Branding & Print Design

Branding & Print Design

Brand identity to flourish your business channel

Type of trade you do or its goal and what endeavor you do to accomplish it does not make much of a difference. The fact which matters the most is the branding of a company or an organization irrespective of the size. Engaging extraordinary and depicting design is a key element to bring up the branding value of a company in front of the global market. Logo, a vectorized graphical emblem is the first step of branding a trade or organization that mainly puts a self-explanatory impression on behalf of the company. The Proper brand design makes your business stay connected with the outer world and undoubtedly marks your company up to communicate more and more clients for your business venture.
More targeted clients imply more need of printing brand designs.
Hih7 values their customers and pens down the thought and ideas thereof draping them into creative style
and manner. Uniqueness in design creation is an imperative fact. It must also convey the message of your company and encourage the brand value of a company. The expert team of Hih7 carefully crafts your brand and executes them diligently as per your relish. Be it a logo, online banner, brochure or any of the business stationery, Hih7 accomplishes each and every demand of our vulnerable clients. Your dream is now the aim of this branding and design agency and meeting your requirements is our attainment.

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Hih7 broadly encompasses branding as well as print design that suits your brand in terms of online presence, services or products. Highlighting features are:

Website Designing
for advanced digital platform

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future” –Robert L. Peters
Our expertise in graphic interface and designing, Logo design, Website design, User-friendly Accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) friendly designs help our clients to get the maximum benefit of reaching their targeted audience.
Key features of website designing we provide are outlined below

  • Full customizable Design, Responsive Website, Banner and category slider managing with Products, Multiple Product Images with customizing zooming.

  • Google analytics report for mapping locations, Inventory Management design, User-friendly website & enhanced web accessibility

  • Custom web design & layout, CMS theme & template layout, Web & Mobile designing, Easily readable & recognized style & functionality, Complete SEO friendly website design.

Packaging & Product Design

Packaging & Product Design

Hih7 offers amazing brand designing for your company or organization delivering a business evolution in an extensive way. Our graphics team provides top to top designs and packaging accelerating your company’s brand value one level up. Product designing, package designing, and other critical packaging parts would be subtly performed by our graphics team.

Our experienced product creators invent cutting-edge as well as flawless product designs with a blend of your idea and concept that attract more viewers and as a consequence number of consumers get increased. Our company grants great assistance to raise your business a level up.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Coral Draw