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Right And Relevant Keyword Is The Key To SEO Success

Right And Relevant Keyword Is The Key To SEO Success

Do you know, what is SEO and how it works? Have you ever hired any SEO company for doing the same? Were you actually benefitted with the services you had got?

Today every business unit is searching for best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company who can help them win competition and rank high. They just ask the company to do the required optimisation. Even they pay a high price for that. But most of them are left unsatisfied with the kind of services they get or with the unsatisfactory explanations. They really don’t know what they should ask for and what is real Search Engine Optimisation. As a website designing, development and SEO providing company, and being in the same market, we see many companies just winging it. With due respect, still, there are many who are really doing justice.

When we talk about SEO, we actually take it as we are talking about Google. Though there are handful of search engine alternatives, Google is always used as a verb. Often Searching on internet is synonym to “Google it.” Entrepreneurs are worried that whether their website rank on the first page of google search with their respective keyword or not. But, Google is specific about their results. They are relevant, genuine and original. Google doesn’t like to be fooled. They hire experienced and efficient professionals to search for the best relevant information for the given keywords.

But, the question lies that if your company is ranking high on search engine, driving more traffic and is Search engine Optimised, is it fully assured that the company is doing well and earning businesses? Having been SEO friendly, it though happens that you don’t do financially well. So, did your optimization helped you? You’ve been fooled so far. It is a myth that only Google ranking and increased website traffic is the key to SEO success.

Lets us first see where you are going wrong. The key to optimization success is the quality and not quantity. Traffic does not mean that you are earning business. What is important for you is that you earn business and generate revenue. One important feature that is often overlooked is the critical keyword. Often this mistake is done that the company though ranking high does not go through the relevance of the keyword. Their keywords are those which are never searched. Now, ranking high in that keyword is not a tough task.

Some basic things even you need to know your SEO can be successful and nobody is fooling you are –

Must Work On The Right Keywords.

You must first search for the relevant keywords for the services your company provide and how well is the keyword you are targeting is working on that search results. Going with the direct keywords with what you want to be recognized and asked for can often turn out to be a niche keyword search, but it is still ok as people does search for the same. Long-tailed keywords are quite confusing. Just, for example, we are a website design and development company in USA and our website is also ranking in the first page of Google with many of our targeted keywords which just express the service we provide and what others are searching for.

Be Found For What The People Search For.

Often it is seen that just to drive more traffic, companies use keywords that are not exactly what the people are searching for. As a result of this, your bounce rate increases and even you do not get benefitted. Hence, keywords are crucial and so they must be directly related to your service and should offer what the visitors are searching for. If there is high search volume, it will be a bit difficult to rank high and it may take more time too.

Consistent Engagement With The Social Media.

Social media Marketing does have a positive impact on Search Engine Optimisation. It must be remembered that it is not that you need to have a social account on many sites. But, the key is that you can pick any two of them and have a consistent engagement with it. Try to deliver consistent content and at least do relevant interactions.

Regular Tracking Of Everything.

Above everything discussed so far, it is really important to track the effects of what you have done. You need to or ask your company to track and monitor everything. Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, Search results, keywords positioning and much more can be done timely from one place. Even you can track the details of the visitors, tweets, sharing, retweeting, competitors, etc. This help to increase your company’s performance.

We would ask you to do a short research about basics and what you should look for before asking any company for SEO assistance.

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