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Instagram- A New Digital Platform for Marketers

Instagram- A New Digital Platform for Marketers

If you are a marketer, then be ready to enjoy marketing on a new digital platform. It is ‘Instagram’ that we are talking about. Instagram is an emerging name in the social media networks. It will not be wrong to say that just like other social media platforms Facebook, Twitter etc, people are busy creating their profile on Instagram too. Taking this as an advantage, Instagram is gradually becoming the new trend for every marketer, just like Facebook over the past few years.

Pay attention. Instagram has come up with new exciting features, especially feasible if you are a marketer. Don’t you want to take advantage of these features? According to the research, 80% of the Instagram followers follow at least one particular brand. Don’t you want to be one of their followers?

Let us discuss what the new trending features of Instagram are and how they can change your marketing life.


1. Instagram shopping:

As you know, Facebook has left no stone unturned to become the largest platform for social media marketing. Till 2017, we can say digital marketing strategies highly recommended Facebook as its prior trend. But with the advent of 2018, Instagram has started gaining its popularity. The feature of easier mobile purchasing has truly changed the game. Imagine yourself as a buyer. How will you feel when you find a statement stating, ‘Click on the photo to buy the exact product’? Yes, Instagram shopping platform allows marketers to attach an appropriate link to their photos so that it becomes easier for the potential buyers to land on the specific page. So, now you are getting flexible selling options on your Instagram stories. Isn’t it exciting?

2. Regramming contents:

Now what’s that? Unlike Facebook and other social media networks, Instagram won’t give any flexibility to the users to share others content on your feed. This acts as the barrier to the marketers from getting their targeted contents shared. ‘Regramming’ feature of Instagram helps you to share featured contents across other feeds. This prevents stealing of content and helps you to promote your brand products. At the same time, you will get a chance to make money off your contents. Won’t you like to avail this feature for your product promotion?

3. Instagram Ads:

Instagram Ads is growing a lot in this year. Want to reach a large audience? With Facebook and Twitter, Instagram allows you to target potential customers. The recommended features of Instagram are allowing marketers to gain more profit through promoting ads and on budget ad campaigns.

4. Instagram Automation:

Till 2017, automation was popular among Twitter and Facebook. What about Instagram? Instagram has peeped out with a new process that enables sharing its API with third-party tools and partners like Sprout Social that allows scheduling. You will have the opportunity to schedule your plan accordingly and share through Sprout’s Instagram tools. How do the marketers gain from this? The automation enables users to chat easily resulting in easy and effective communication. Remember, communication is highly needed for a marketer to know the customers’ taste. This will also help them to remain updated with your latest products. Want to make your mobile app easier? Instagram’s automation tools catered you to do it.

5. Instagram Face Filters:

Are we crazy? What will marketers do with face filtering option? Definitely, this question is striking your mind. Let us see, how business gets affected by Instagram’s such augmented features. Face filters like doggie-ears, sleeping masks, sunglasses are the most exciting filters available in the market. You probably have seen that Snapchat, one of the leading social media platforms, have already used these filters on promoted advertisements for upcoming movies Skittles, Gatorade and Taco Bell. Instagram is working with such features and you can expect these paid face filter ads in the near future.

All these are just to keep your audience engaged with the brands and its products. Don’t you want your customers to visit your brand again and again? For this, you have to be aware of the latest digital marketing trends.

Today social media networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram has made a dramatic place in the frame of digital marketing. No matter what media you choose to brand your business, engaging audience is the major role that you can play as a marketer through these social media networks. For this just you have to gain the detailed analysis of the features served by each digital media platform. Days of Facebook and Twitter are not over. But to reach your audience effectively and to be in the race, along with these the trendy features of Instagram can also contribute to your business promotion to quite an extent.

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