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How Employee Celebrations Change The Entire Business Scenario?

How Employee Celebrations Change The Entire Business Scenario?

Employees are the backbone of any business. They put a lot of efforts, both physically and mentally, to make sure their organization achieves the overall set goals. Whenever given the opportunity, they try to bring more to the table than what they are generally capable of.

With an urge to showcase their innate abilities, aptitude, and loyalty to their employers in general, they try to prove themselves as real assets. However, there may be a time when the edge will rust off. They may not be that inclined anymore, like earlier, to give their best.

A certain sense of ignorance or negative attitude may prevail upon them. A lot of factors drive them to develop these characteristics. Many of them may lead to the company itself! Excess working hours, non-supportive management etc are some of the most usual ones. There may be the availability of financial and other common motivational plans.

But not everything can work only based on them. This is where staff celebrations and employee recognition programs come into the picture. What this means is that the company informally expresses their positive feelings for their staff and lets them know about their importance and presence there.

Does this theory work indeed?

There are numerous such case studies available on this theory, with real-life examples to back them up. Most companies over the years have adapted to this evolving trend of executing creative employee recognition ideas. You can do internet searches and find instances, where firms have employed such tactics to lift up their employees’ mood.

So now, you may ask what good does it do? Well, imagine yourself as a partially satisfied employee of a Professional website development firm, who has been working quite a bit hard to get himself noticed. So one fine day, your employer, who has been acknowledging your efforts in a subtle way, decides to pay you back without any of his normal monetary motivational methods.

It’s your birthday. Your employer decides to make the day somewhat special to you. So, you work hard the whole day most probably in a grumpy way, and in the evening just before you leave, voila! There is a decorated office corner along with beautifully arranged desks and all, making itself recognized as birthday celebrations.

You cut a cake, acknowledge a certain token of gesture from your employer, receive praises from them as well as your colleagues. At the end of the day, you come home with a smile on your face. This is one of the most popular examples of this theory. An employer made his staff’s day and motivated him to remain loyal, in an informal fashion.

What good does it do for the firm?

Motivated and loyal employees will always have a lot more to present to their employer. Various studies have been conducted in the past about the reasons behind bad employee turnover and resignations. One such conducted research revealed that about 80% of people resign from their jobs due to lack of appreciation.

Also, another such research conducted by a prominent organization revealed that employees tend to prefer autonomy, purpose, and appreciation in particular, rather than raises and promotions. Employee recognition programs keep them satisfied and they, in a way, remains committed to the organization.

So, when an employee considers their work as something that is exciting yet challenging, and are appreciated for so, they will be more than inspired to work even harder. However, those work environments that lack recognition and appreciation, are more than likely to have a negative impact on employees.

How does it influence the overall turnover?

The research also stated that when employees aren’t enjoying their work, they will become mentally disengaged towards their commitments. This will affect the firm in terms of goal achievements Thus, this problem can be solved by developing a culture that displays warmth, belonging and appreciation.

When employees get their due acknowledgment and appreciation for leaving no stones unturned towards meeting their set objectives, it creates a sense of further commitment and loyalty retention within them. Creative employee recognition ideas keep them motivated towards contributing a lot more towards the success of their company.

When this happens, the overall employee turnover rises. It improves the quality of work presented by the company to the world. The success of any business is determined by how they have successfully satisfied their clients. So, when the quality of work rises, then in all possibility, the firm will be able to deliver outstanding results to their customers.

Ways to acknowledge the value of employee inputs

There are a lot of ways by which a firm can celebrate their employees’ contributions and efforts. One of the most usual ones is birthday celebrations. As I gave the example above, birthday celebrations showcase a heart-warming attribute of the company. Employees will feel a sense of acceptance and love being shown towards them.

Other popular ways include celebrating different festivals and occasions together. A year is full of significant festivals. So, what you as an employer can do is decorate your office with the relevant theme. Cubicles, office corners, and nooks can be decorated with the most creative ideas and design items, walls can be filled with the theme relevant graphical designs and much more.

Another tried and successful way is celebrating the time spent by an employee there or their certain successes. This means celebrating a significant milestone in their career over there. Like for instance, celebrating their work anniversary, significant achievements and so on. For this, you can gift them with something that will make them feel glad or throw after-office parties.

A company can also celebrate personal milestones of employees in a big way. Arrangements can be done to cherish the different personal achievements such as wedding anniversaries, the birth of children, graduation from a degree or any other different milestone.

These are some of the most common ways of fulfilling the purpose. Show your employees that you care and in return, you will get assure beneficial returns!

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