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Graphic Design Contests vs Freelancers vs Agencies – Which one to Approach?

Graphic Design Contests vs Freelancers vs Agencies – Which one to Approach?

While seeking for graphical essentials, more often marketers get confounded which ought to be their targeted destination – design contests, freelancers or professional agencies. Indeed, are you dwelling with the same concern? Surprisingly, the solution to your concern resides just within two aspects.

Before commencing for a graphic design work, you have to reckon with your financial plan and your fundamental objective. However, it can likewise be conceivable that you outline your graphics yourself. But yes, hiring professional designers is relatively a better idea. Not only on the grounds that they create something more unique and engrossing but hiring a team assist you with more time and effort that you can put on another side of your business.

Now the question is, which one would be fruitful for your business? Here we have a detailed analysis for you.

1. Cost factor:

Cost is something that always matters. Isn’t it? While researching on this topic, we have discovered that hiring a freelancer may cost you about $75 – $100/hr on an average. This can be either as low as $25/hr or as high as $300/hr.
Now, if you are desiring to launch a contest then it would add a little more to your budget. But if you outsource your project to online graphic design services then it would make a pinch on your wallet. It may be as low as $10,000 or may be high as $ 50,000 or more.

Regardless of what you prefer, the cost will actually vary, depending on your project intensity.

2. Options:

Are you looking for an ocean of options? In this case, you should opt for a design contest. This process is initiated by launching a contest on DesignCrowd, 99designs, CrowdSpring or any other websites that you prefer the most. This will give you a diverse range of options with multiple perspectives for your single desire. However, confusions act as a bonus in this approach.
Heading on to launching a contest may be a great idea, but you fail to acquire the benefits if your project holds multiple components. We guess, on this account, freelancers or a branding and web design agency is the best and offers perfection.

Let us sort this out with an example.

Say you need to create a brand image i.e a logo, some infographics, brochures, and business cards for your business. No doubt, you can launch a design contest for each item. But this will be quite time-consuming as well as create a hole in your pocket. To avoid these pitfalls, it is always better to prefer a freelancer or a graphic design agency and outsource such a project.

3. Timeline:

In the battle between 99designs vs freelancer, a freelancer takes a few weeks or a few months to create your design. Whereas, if you are running a contest, you will hardly get 7 days to choose the winner and maximum 12-15 days to get your final files. This timeline, of course, varies for different contests segments.
On the contrary, if you hire a company to perform your task, you will have to bear with them for months. Otherwise, you may choose to pay more to get your work done fast.

4. Efficiency:

Have you jot down all your requisites? It’s your prior need to know what exactly you want. If you are able to respond to your question, then freelancers can assist you to make out an effective business solution. However, this doesn’t mean that graphic design agency or design contests are worthless. In a comparison between the three, freelancers take the uppermost position in this ground.

Additionally, working with the freelancers offers more pros than other variations. As because, you can make a direct contact with the designer. Nothing can be better than having a direct communication, especially when you are seeking something crucial like graphic designing. This allows you to explain your needs to them in details, track your project, spot down the mistakes while your project is in a running mode, and make improvements whenever and wherever it is needed. However, if you are likely to do the same with the contest participants or design agency, you will have to stumble upon multiple intermediates.

In any case, each and every methodology is associated with somewhere around one disadvantage.

Freelancers –

Since you are directly connected with a freelancer, you have to be efficient and smart enough to choose a perfect freelancer from the ocean of designers.

Design Contests –

According to the above analysis, launching a design contest is quite time-consuming. You may not get the coveted outcome at one glance but you should not lose patience or fail to submit your feedback to the potential participant. An active participation from both the edges is mandatory in this case.

Agency –

Heading for a branding and design agency can be quite expensive compared to the previous approaches. But yes, if you are not so bothered about your budget and want something truly effective, then hiring an agency should be your choice, rather than an alternative.

So, have you decided which one to prefer for your project? Well, we will recommend you to invest in a design agency that will not just serve you as a client but will assist you to develop and brand your business. A trove of graphic designers is accessible on the web as well as offline. Yet reaching the one associated with a branding agency will serve you exactly what you need.

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