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Graphic Design And Web Design- How Does It Differ?

Graphic Design And Web Design- How Does It Differ?

Perhaps most of you have a common question – is there any difference between Graphic design and Web design? Even I used to assume that they are the same. But it didn’t take me a long time to understand the difference between the two. Though graphics and web designers belong to the same design industry, they differ from each other in multiple perspectives and their work serve their own unique purpose.

The aspiring entrepreneurs or especially the layman, often do the same mistake by calling both web and graphic designers as “art designers”. The confusion arises as both of them involve almost the same art skill and creative ability and use almost the same design tools.

There is a myriad of graphics and web design companies residing all over the world. But to opt for these and to achieve exponential success, it is important for you to know the differences.

Let me start with their definition.

What is Web Design?

If Web Design can be defined in an integrated form, then it will be defined as planning, creation, and updating of websites. This usually wraps up with different skills in the production and maintenance of websites. The basics of web design include information architecture, website layout, web structure, navigation, user interface, colors, contrasts, fonts and icon design.

What is Graphic Design?

To explain graphic design in a simple and better way, it can be said that it is a process that involves the creation of symbols, images, designs and text to provide visual representations of ideas and messages. Such visual concepts are formed using typography, visual arts and page layout in a more confined way.

Well, I believe just a few statements and theoretical words can’t actually showcase their differences. Rather these have made you more confused. Is it so? Fine. Let’s have a look at the following points. Hope these will give you a distilled clear picture.

1. Visual elements:

Visual elements required for both graphic and web designing are the same. They are color, font, and graphics. But you have to read till depth to know where the difference lies.

Color: The color mode used for graphic design and web design are completely different. In case of graphic design, the designers use CMYK color mode, as this color mode is more focused on visual impact. Whereas in the case of web design, the designer simply uses RGB color mode. Unlike graphic design, web design is more focused on exhibiting the relationship between the informational structures.

Fonts: Font choice simply depends up to you. But when you are creating a graphic template you are more free to choose your font. Of course, both graphic and web design should be professional. But it is not necessary to worry about the implementation of fonts while creating graphics. However, in web design, the thing is totally different. A web design always has to be more comprehensive. You can only make small choices, in order to avoid pitfalls. But there is a good news for you. With the advent of current API based on HTML5, you can easily use personalized fonts without the need of output for graphics. This, of course, has amplified the user experience without creating any back-end pressure.

Graphics: Graphic design as the name suggest, have more to do with graphics if compared to web design. The graphic design involves the use of physical sizes such as inches, centimeters, millimeters and so on. While the web design only deals with of pixels.

2. Presentation Method:

I remember, it had been taught in our school, that presentation is what that mainly matters in the end. It is an art to impress and hold back the audience. The same trick has to be played here.

For graphic design, the method of presentation is overall static. But it is dynamic when it comes to web design. Compare to graphic designs, the design of websites should have a weaker integrity. This is because graphical designs are headed to have a visual focus that needs more perception and strong integrity.

3. Browse Mode:

The browser mode of a graphic design has to have a progressive look. Like web design, it cannot be presented in a series with a scroll bar as an option. Consequently, the users landing on a web page have more choices than graphics users. But if you compare the two with respect to its presentation, you will get a clear picture-oriented book in graphic design.

4. Requirements:

If you are seeking their differences, you must be aware of the platforms where they are used. Graphic design is the traditional platform for communicating with the audience. These designs are used for banners, templates, brochures and other business essentials in multiple offline mediums. However, in contrast to this, the ability to spread information for web design is stronger than the graphic design. This is only because it uses the digital medium to spread the business objective. And you know, the strength of today’s digital spider web. It runs faster than your imagination.

To elaborate more, a web designer always observes the art as a way to leverage technology. For them, it is more related to a technology rather than art. You may say, that these designers use a more technical way or an engineering approach to create their designs for versatile mediums like a laptop, tablet, smartphone and so on.

Likewise, for a graphic designer, designing is just an art. They use their artistic and creative skills to bring out the most impressive forms and emphasize a visual theory in their designs.

So, is it enough for you to distinguish between the two, or still, you are hovering around to find a conclusion? Hope so not.

Are you looking for the best graphic design company in Kolkata or anywhere else? Make sure you are well aware of all the aforesaid points.

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