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Feature Your WordPress With Essential Beta Plugins

Feature Your WordPress With Essential Beta Plugins

WordPress, as you know, is a content management system (CMS) based open-source, free platform that includes a featured plugin architecture and a template system. You must have already incorporated it into your business website for better productivity. Isn’t it? Even the web developers association uses WordPress marketing plugins to build successful blogs for you. However, if you are not using this online platform, then you are simply making the way to the failure of your business.

Further, WordPress is now gaining its pace by adding more features – thus allowing the existing users to reside more as well as attracting the newcomers. And you know what, you can test these features before installing them to your site, thus preventing yourself from future pitfalls. The testing is simply done by using beta plugins. Beta plugins weed out the WordPress features so as to make improvements.

There are quite a great number of Beta Plugins available for WordPress, among them we have listed out only the 5 essential ones. Keep reading the blog to note them for your future purpose.

1. Two-Factor:

Two-factor Authentication(2FA) is not a new buzz, rather it has already been standardized throughout the industries ranging from banking sectors to social media. 2FA in WordPress offers email authentication codes, the Google Authenticator, FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), and pre-generated single use codes. Speaking informally, these WordPress essentials allow the back-end users to verify all their accounts using multiple options, thus keeping your website a bit safer. In short, Two-factor Authentication was a great option and will remain a great option, if safety is more important for you.

2. Preferred Languages:

Websites are used by people all over the world, it’s not for a specific group of users. Isn’t it? Therefore, in order to make your browsing more convenient, WordPress allows users to choose their own primary language. This particular plugin test whether the chosen language is available or not. And if it’s not found, the software reverts back to English by default. Isn’t it amazing for your customers to browse your website?

3. Shortcake:

Adding shortcodes to WordPress doesn’t allow you to view the post until you post it on your page. This is something quite annoying and you must have faced this often. Isn’t it? Shortcake plugins in WordPress aim to fix all such problems. It includes preview and editing options for those shortcodes. For example the plugin support elements of Facebook such as Facebook posts, quotes, PDF files, videos, image comparisons, and streams. In short, it can be said that Shortcake predefined User Interfaces (Uis) enables you to preview your shortcodes and also let you register custom shortcodes to a predefined UI. These are not only beneficial for your user, but for you as well.

4. Core Media Widgets:

A dozen widgets including calendars, text, custom HTML code, and comments are already featured by WordPress web developers. But when it comes to media-focused widgets, the picture takes a U-turn. To solve this issue, Core-Media Widgets plugin offers options for audio, video, images, and galleries. These can now be added to anywhere, anytime. WordPress updated with these plugins is ready to serve all your desired needs, undoubtedly.

5. Customize posts:

Wanna edit post, but without navigating to its actual editing page – is this really possible? Customize posts, one of the most interesting WordPress plugins, headed to change the page template without actually residing on an edit page. It basically allows the users to edit page and post content within the WordPress Customizer itself. Customizer holds an editing button, once clicked allow you to tweak the page that includes title, featured image, author, and even the passage. This also authorizes enabling and disabling of comments for your posts. All this you can perform without returning to the dashboard, thus saving a lot of time from your busy schedule.

6. Dark Mode:

Often people have a problem, browsing screens at night. Agree or not? Dark mode plugin optimizes your screen to make it easier for the user to browse it at night. The plugin enables the nigh-light feature in the WordPress, thus making the website more accessible. You must have already viewed this feature on your mobile apps such as Google Maps changing its color to a dark colored. The same is aimed at this WordPress featured plugin.

Developing your website using such a featured WordPress platform is not only effective for your business, but for your viewers as well. Are you already using this CMS based platform for your web page? In that case, you should look for an updated version of WordPress so as to make your business a standout.

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