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Do you Know How to Create your Own Business Mobile App? Know the Right Ways Here

Do you Know How to Create your Own Business Mobile App? Know the Right Ways Here

The percentage of people who do not use any kind of mobile application in today’s time is very less. As per recent estimates, today there are 12 million mobile application designers operating all over the world. Smartphones are readily available now and people find them a lot affordable in today’s time. This has led apps to become universal. People can access any app from any part of the world.

The two leading app development companies are Android and Apple. The former is the market leader, as per a recent survey, with over 5 million designers developing applications for the Play store. As per Apple is concerned, figures suggest around 3 million developers are involved in it. We are a mobile app development company in Kolkata who has a lot to offer to you in relation to the digital world.

With so many apps available on different platforms, people have found ways to lead a better life unlike earlier. So now, it has become essential that every business keeps customer behavior and their subsequent online preferences as their top priorities, in order to survive and thrive in this highly competitive market.

Applications are playing a major role when it comes to improvement in customer engagement. They also facilitate payments, fosters loyalty and thus helps in the growth of a firm. There are basically three major approaches that an app developer should consider while deciding to create an application for a business; web, hybrid and native approach.

An insight into the web, hybrid and native apps

We will now have a look at them elaborately, below.

Web apps

First, let’s understand what are web apps. They are basically websites which are configured in a way that displays the feel and look of real applications. But for this to happen, the device needs to have a web browser. For installing a web app, a user simply needs to create a shortcut to the home screen of their device.

A web app is run by a browser and is generally written in technologies such as CSS, Javascript, and HTML. These are general coding languages and are considered as cross-platform technologies. Also, they are very economical to develop as they are cross-platform ready. They have another advantage over native apps. Web apps are very easy to distribute.

We have a solid app development team that is extremely capable and efficient when it comes to designing effective web apps for our clients.

Native apps

These kind of apps are more responsive and this is what makes them so special. Do you know what else makes them so special? Well, they are quicker too! Now let’s know about the name. The word ‘native’ is used because they were developed for a particular platform like Android or Apple IOS. The best app developers optimize them in a way that they will suit the operating system of any device.

At Hih7, you can expect to get the best quality native app that will perform just like you desire. Our team of developers blends in, experience along with skill. Our customers have often rated us as a great mobile app development company in Kolkata.

Hybrid apps

This kind of apps combine the benefits of web and native apps. Why do developers create this kind of applications? Well, their main objective behind this is to offer the experience of the native app along with the simplicity that comes with a web app. This drives most businessmen to demand such apps from mobile application designers.

A lot of developers prefer hybrid apps for conveniently integrating different device features like camera, push notifications or GPS. Another remarkable aspect of this kind of apps is that they can be distributed through various app stores. So, they can access the customer base of Google and Apple’s platforms.

Although they do not involve a lot of development costs, they still require experts. The app development team at Hih7 have specialized knowledge of the numerous interfaces as well as features of the phone.

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