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Do You Know Google’s Latest Features for Responsive Search Ads?

Do You Know Google’s Latest Features for Responsive Search Ads?

Earlier Google AdWords were presented using the beta version. These traditional search ads allowed the advertisers to write headlines and descriptions together, thus creating 1 static ad text in the end. Recently, the launching of Responsive Search Ads has opened an endless ad testing possibilities for the advertisers. These search ads will grant you the leverage of writing multiple combinations of titles and descriptions, which thereafter will be tested and optimized for the best performing combination.

What are the potential advantages of Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive search ads are one of the finest examples of Google’s advancement in machine learning. Being an advertiser, such a technology is nothing except a blessing. Let us know how?

1. Optimization through Machine Learning:

Unlike the traditional search ads, advertisers are allowed to create up to 15 different headlines coupled with 4 different descriptions. Isn’t this enough for you make promotions? We guess these combinations are more advanced relative to earlier search ads. Once you are done with your possible combinations, Google will test and thereafter optimize through its machine learning, so as to bring out the best operating solution. Remember the A/B testing? Your ads will be devoid of such functionalities and Google’s AI will automatically serve your needs, saving your precious time.

2. More relevant information is visible:

Brand visibility that is the most important factor of business promotion can be achieved substantially with this tech support. These ad units can be featured with 3 headlines and two 90-character descriptions. You may even have the opportunity to specify their width, granting more space for mobile devices. As a consequence, visibility of your search ads on mobile devices will be enhanced.

3. Take a seat in more relevant searches:

With a continuation to the previous aspect, multiple combinations of headlines and descriptions can even open up doors for your ads to compete in more auctions. It will be showcased in more relevant searches, thus making it more visibile to the potential visitors. In a whole, this will help you to reach more audience, gain more traffic for your website, and in the end grant you a chance to convert the visitors into potential clients.

According to Josh Brisco, Sr. Manager of Retail Search Operations, “Showing an optimized search ad with the right message to the right audience has the potential to boost the CTR and lower CPC for Search campaigns. If done correctly, this can help advertisers improve their ROAS and reduce wasted ad spend. So far we’ve seen mixed results for different campaigns, so it’s still too early to make a ruling on this feature.”

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For your knowledge, recently Google has announced some renowned changes in the features of responsive search ads. Are you aware of it? Don’t worry. Here we have indexed down the features that Google has rolled out.
What’s New?

This week, Google has announced that it will be rolling out four reporting and feedback tools for RSAs, i.e. Responsive Search Ads.

1. Assorted Languages:

In the upcoming months, Google will permit you to create your customized responsive ads in different languages, starting from English followed by other languages. Except for English, ten additional languages are made available for RSAs. They are mainly Danish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish. Don’t you think your upcoming ventures will be more beneficial and effective? Advertising in your own language or multiple languages is the best way to reach the audience of different mother tongue. Really a grand opening for the advertisers.

2. Import Headlines and Descriptions:

Google’s new features allow importing titles and descriptions from existing text ads in the same ad group. The change will be typically implemented just within a few weeks.

3. Real-time Updates:

This latest feature provides real-time ads update. Therefore it is always recommended to add sufficient and relevant titles and descriptions in order to score a good Google rank.

4. Ad Updates in the Status Column:

Google rolled out features that also include the visibility of ad unit updates in the status column in the user interface. These will determine whether your ads are disapproved when your ads are actually losing impressions.
Google is continuously investing in creating more and more advanced tools to assist the advertisers. Now it is your task to gain a proper skill on it and embrace it to get benefited. Best results can only be acquired if you are investing in a productive destination.

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