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Wikipedia – an Inevitable Part For Branding Your Business. Why?

Wikipedia is again a new buzzword in today's digital market. Even though there are multiple ways of branding a business, creating a Wikipedia page is yet another mode. To explore the...

graphic design file formats

An Ultimate Guide For Graphic Design File Formats

Being an entrepreneur don't you think you should have some knowledge regarding graphic designs? Well, we believe besides the graphic designers, you are also responsible for your quality output. The designers...

Magento 2 – The Latest Incarnation For E-commerce Development

Magento 2 – The Latest Incarnation For E-commerce Development

CMS based websites written in PHP are blessings for the digital marketers to carry out their E-commerce business without any external aid. For example, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal – all belong to...

GDPR - the latest buzz for digital marketing

GDPR – The Latest Buzz For Digital Marketing

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has knocked every digital resider's socks off. The legislation was implemented on 25th May 2018 with an aim to empower the customers to have safe...

5 Secrets of Social Selling

5 Secrets Of Social Selling Especially For The Startups

Today's buzzword is – Social Media, Social Media, and Social Media. And surprisingly, we have chosen the same phrase as the topic of discussion on this blog. In our research, we...

5 Things To Consider Before Selecting a Branding and Design Agency

5 Things To Consider Before Selecting A Branding And Design Agency

Branding is equally important for a business as much as having salt in the food. It is the preliminary step that every aspiring entrepreneur should take in order to enhance their...