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7 Different Types of Logo Categories to Create Your Company’s Brand Value

7 Different Types of Logo Categories to Create Your Company’s Brand Value

Hey! Good to see you struggling to start your new venture. We hope you are aware of all the latest digital marketing trends. This is something very much important as you are looking forward to drive your own business. The initial requirement according to the latest digital strategy is to develop a website for your business.

Have you decided what are your needs for designing a website?

Mark out all the essential requirements for the website design so that the website becomes easier for the visitor to know about your company and its products or services. Are you opting for a product based business or a service based venture? Whatever it may be, the company’s branding, its promotion and recognition depend on the company’s logo. So have you decided what type of logo will you create for your business? There are seven types of logo categories. Let us discuss all them.

1. Lettermarks or Monogram logos:

Let us start with the examples. IBM, and HBO. As you can see, all are the initials of large lengthy names. The initials of some famous businesses are so used for brand identification purposes. We don’t think we have to elaborate more. Hope you have already concluded what are monogram logos. These logos are simply comprised of a few letters, basically the company’s initial. These logos are very simple, easy to remember and quite attractive due to its simplicity. If your business holds a lengthy name, you may try this one. The appearance of the logo depends on the font and the colour you choose. Thus it is quite effective and m

2. Wordmarks or logotypes:

This is quite similar with lettermarks. These are also a font-based logo-types where instead of company’s initials, the company’s name is used to build a brand. Say for example; Coca-cola, Google. These logos are highly memorizable and when combined with a strong topography help to create a strong brand recognition. If you are willing to use this kind of logo, then you should take care of the fonts and colours. Depending on your topography, it will be decided whether your logo is effective or not. If you want to showcase your business name, then the wordmark logo-type is the best decision.

3. Pictorial Marks or Logo symbols:

This type of logo appears to be an icon or a graphic based design. This is the image that strikes the mind when you think of your company’s name. Say for example, Twitter represents a bird, Apple represents the image of an apple and so on. All these companies that we have sorted as examples are so established that their emblem itself is truly recognizable. But this may not happen for a new company. This Logo symbol for a new company may not create a strong brand recognition. However, this logo-type is mainly effective when you have already set up your business and have an established brand.

4. Abstract logo marks:

These logo marks are abstract geometric forms that represent a business. The Pepsi divided circle and the strip-y Adidas flower, are the examples of abstract logo marks. The best part using this kind of image is that you don’t have to use the company’s name or any cultural implication of specific image to brand your business. You can simply use the abstract symbols that will indirectly reflect your business image. Thus these logo symbols are truly unique as they condense the brand into a single image and convey an emotional message regarding your business.

5. Mascots:

Funny cartoonish and colourful images are used to create these kind of logos. the Kool-Aid Man, KFC’s Colonel and Planter’s Mr. Peanut are some of the famous Mascots. These logos are mainly to attract families and specially the children. This smart touch on a logo draws the attention of huge customers and builds a strong brand recognition across the world.

6. Combination Mark:

This is a combined form of a wordmark or lettermark with a pictorial mark, abstract mark or mascot. The text as well as the picture are integrated to form a single image. Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste are some famous companies that have used the combination logos for their brand recognition. If you look at the benefits of this type of logo, you will find that since the name is also associated with the picture, people recognize these brands with their name as well as with their logo image.

7. Emblem:

The emblem logo-type is comprised of a text within a symbol or icon. These symbols can be think badges, seals or crests. These logos will give a traditional look and especially used to brand educational institutes, organizations or any government firms. If you want to give your company a traditional look with sprinkles of modern touch then the emblem logo will be the right choice. But make sure your business name is not so long. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to read the lengthy name inside the symbol and the logo itself will look dull.

Hope now it will be easier for you to choose an appropriate logo-type for your business. Whatever be your choice, you should keep this in mind that your logo has to be an effective, attractive and a unique one. Remember this vectorized symbol will help you to create your brand awareness, establish brand recognition across the world and at the end help you to achieve greater heights.

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