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5 Inbound Marketing Ideas to gravitate traffic to your social media channels

5 Inbound Marketing Ideas to gravitate traffic to your social media channels

Planning to set up a strong business foundation? If so, then definitely you are acquiring social media marketing services. No? Hey, to improve your business you must be smarter enough in your digital marketing strategies. And in today’s date, social media marketing is one of the fundamental strategies, along with search engine optimization. Trust us, this will take your business to a different level. But for this, you need to know what are the inexpensive inbound marketing strategies that you can follow on social media to stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to know the top 5 inbound marketing ideas to gravitate traffic to your social media channels? Let us get started.


1. Have Buyer Personas:

By the term ‘Buyer Personas’, we refer to the frictional representation of your targeted potential customers, based on market research as well as the real data about your existing customers. Have you ever created such buyer personas for your marketing campaigns? The same is required for the social media channels.

Buyer personas are one of the fundamental requirements to promote your brand on social media channels. The benefits of using buyer personas are not confined to this only. It also helps you to –

i. Assess your target audience and let you focus on them
ii. Distribute the efforts across all your team members within your organization thus reducing your stress
iii. Help you to focus on your targeted audience, instead of look for how to get fame.

Due to all such exclusive benefits, Buyer Personas are used at every stage of marketing, whether it is for content creation, advertising, SEO, or social media. Since here we are talking about social media, let us discuss what are the benefits the buyer personas give it to you for social media:

i. It helps you to choose the perfect social platform for your brand.
ii. Serve potential content for your potential audience.
iii. Helps to get a highly engaged audience.
iv. And of course, drive traffic to your site.

2. Introduce yourself as an Expert:

By the word ‘expert’ we mean to say that you have to present yourself like a true master, the one who has the ability to inspire and compel readers to turn into buyers. An expert should be a person who can do anything for their improvement and has every possible knowledge regarding the particular field. Therefore, before presenting yourself as an Expert, you should check out your qualities.

What we actually mean to say is that, your social media posts should reflect that you have an urge to help other marketers or customers, in the respective field. How can you do so?

i. Publish such articles and e-books that can help your readers.
ii. Frequently answer to the questions on websites like Quora, or forums related to the industry.
iii. Follow your followers and respond to their queries frequently on your content.

All these approaches can definitely improve your inbound marketing strategies.

3. Content creation for Awareness Stage:

There are namely three inbound marketing stages, which are collectively called ‘The Buyer’s Journey’. The stages include – Awareness, Evaluation, and Purchase. Social media is frequently used to serve the customers in their awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. So, definitely you want to attract and engage potential customers on your site, isn’t it? For this what you need to do, just create posts and engaging content in this awareness stage, and your work will be done.

Is it that simple? Well, during this stage, the customers already have realized the problem, and are looking for an appropriate solution. But until you are aware of your targeted audience, it is impossible to pen-down an effective content. So, you have to be smart enough to recognize who the audience are and what your customers’ need and accordingly compel them to go through your content.

What are the types of content required at this stage? Tips sheets, videos and lead generating content like e-books are highly effective at the awareness stage.

4. Generate Leads:

Generating leads refer to the action of recognizing potential customers for business. This is something very essential in order to gain traffic. A customer turns into a lead when they subscribe your channel or your email list. Calls to action(CTA) are one of the most effective methods of generating leads. What you can do is include CTA in your content and share it to your social media channels. Consequently, this will be redirected to your lead generation page, which is nothing but your website’s homepage.

5. Test, Measure, Adjust:

No inbound marketing strategies can be successful without the three fundamental steps – testing, measuring and adjusting your content on social media. To gravitate more traffic to your site, you have to discover what type of content your customers are looking for. Accordingly, you can place a content on your timeline and organize a campaign for the targeted customers. Try to take the advantage of social management software. This will analyze the data and help you to make your marketing efforts easier as well as more effective.

Are you ready to follow all the above-mentioned strategies? Just knowing the ways won’t do, until you apply these to your business. However, you should also have a knowledge of the latest inbound marketing strategies for digital marketing. Click on the above link and know in details.

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