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4 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019

4 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019

Social media platforms have been the finest platforms where businesses are continuously enjoying numerous benefits. From Facebook to Instagram, every social media network contributes a lot in gaining business credibility and establishing an online presence. But for this, it is imperative to learn the tricks of the digital marketing techniques that have popped out in 2019.Just like Facebook, Instagram too has come with some tricks and creations this year. Wondering what are the Instagram marketing trends for 2019? If yes, this blog will certainly help you out of this.


1. From Likes to Stickers:

Every marketer creates his social media profile with an aim to gain more engagement. More engagement means more likes and more shares. There was a time when Instagram only offers likes. Due to such boring features, the engagement on Instagram feed posts has been steadily declining for a couple of years. Today, the definition of “Instagram engagement” has been changed to engagement with followers through Instagram stories, rather than normal posts. 2019 has come with a more interesting way of generating engagement, just by applying stickers. Stickers are just for fun. But they have high potential to drive viewers to your page, thus creating more engagement. It is a free, easy way to engage with your followers and encourage them to invest in your brand. Recently, Instagram has updated with the “Countdown, Questions, Polls” like stickers. These help your brand to engage with your audience through your stories.

2. More Authentic Environment:

If you are expecting “authenticity”, then Instagram will be the best marketing solution for 2019. Gone are the days when Instagram was more the home for the most perfectly posed Instagram posts, overly edited images, and Instagram bot comments. Today, you can witness more genuine experiences and authentic relationships. It has become more personal and authentic stage rather than a stage of mimicry. For example, discussing sponsored content allow the marketers to keep their followers and their brand deals.Are you excited about influencer marketing? If yes, then be a regular Instagram user and be a part of the Instagram aesthetic and sponsored posts. Spreading your brand among the influencers who truly love the product and always remain in an excited state to share them with their followers is really a beautiful way to build a strong and authentic marketing relationship on Instagram. Such an influencer post that deals with your brand and product over a long period of time definitely enhances the brand reach, customer engagement, and result. Have you consulted a branding and design agency for your business? Don’t miss out to discuss this point with the experts.

3. ROI Tracking:

One of the finest trends that Instagram has come with is the ROI tracking feature. What’s that and how these may be productive for your business is the matter of concern. Many users have found that the new Instagram is more like a Facebook where you can share posts and at the same time sell your products as well. Such a feature will give marketers a new platform to conduct their online digital marketing. Now coming to the ROI Tracking, this particular feature allows the user to track the revenue for every Instagram post and story. Isn’t this be helpful for you to get the sales record for every month? Gone are the days when Instagram was just a stage for posting. Today, brands are optimizing their Instagram online marketing. You are now allowed to schedule your posts, monitor advanced analytics.Want your brand to succeed like others? You don’t need to copy the techniques of others. You just be unique to yourself, your brand, and hire the digital marketing service providing company to carry out your work with perfection.


4. Dark Social and Instagram Direct:

Dark Social prevents you from tracking the posts or links shared in direct messages. 2018 was the year for Instagram Direct along with gifs and video chat. However, this particular trend was more likely in WhatsApp and Messenger than on Instagram. Thanks to the advent of tagging and sharing features on Instagram stories, it has become easier to conduct a private conversation on Instagram, maybe a business conversation as well. Moreover, it is expected that Instagram will continue building features for Direct, thus making it easier for the businesses to carry out their work smoothly and spread their brand across the globe.

Instagram is prevailing for 8 years. But today, it has been made responsible for business success. It welcomes creativity, offers the users to create their own stories, allows you to share and build ads, and makes more reach by connecting to Facebook directly. All in a whole it works as a creative business tool to sustain a brand in the digital platform.Just implementing the digital marketing strategies in your business and moving in a traditional way will never let you create golden eggs. You have to be aware of every single change that is made digitally.So, are you planning to reach out to a wide audience through social media platforms? If yes, then with Facebook, it can be Instagram as well that can help you to drive your business a level up. It can be one of the best digital marketing tools beyond your imagination.


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